FH Service

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What We Do

FH Service offers service of all products previosly supplied from Danmeter A/S: CSM, AEP, AM800, TS6000, Elpha family and other products sold previously.

All devices are serviced with original spare parts.

Price model

FH Service intends to reduce the cost of repair. We intend to examine, repair and test a device in one work process.

The basic repair covers most repairs and includes components, labour cost and a test to verify that the device is fully functional and safe to use. Cabinet parts are not included in basic repair.

Pricelist for service and repair is sent on request.

If a device can not be repaired only the examination fee is charged.

The cost of freight is added to the incoice.
Before you send the device

Please fill out a copy of the repair sheet for each device including a description of the failure. FH Service will complete the repair sheet and return it with the device.

Please send an e-mail when you send your device including information about the parcel, tracking number etc. FH Service will reply to this mail to acknowledge receipt of the parcel and send you information when the device is returned.

Price lists will be sent on request.


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